The Gov Tech Revolution Is Here

Technology is advancing with leaps and bounds. What was cutting edge even months ago can feel outdated, slow and antiquated today. This poses a problem for government: how can agencies meet their modern missions without modern technology?

As technology creeps up the priority list for government leaders day by day, it's now critical that public servants of all roles and functions are familiar with the solutions out there and the value they can bring to their work.

Watch on demand now for a full day of virtual learning where we'll explore technologies that are making a real and immediate impact on how government gets its work done.

You'll hear from top thought leaders, access hundreds of free resources, network and knowledge-share with your peers and earn up to five continuing professional education (CPE) credits. There is absolutely no cost to register or attend, and zero travel required.

How will technology drive your agency forward in 2020?

Virtual Summit Schedule

Attendees can earn up to five CPEs. Please refer to the schedule below to see which sessions qualify for CPE credit.
Check out more detailed session descriptions here.

9:30 a.m. ET/6:30 a.m. PT
Virtual Environment is Open!
Download resources on cyber, cloud, digital services, CX and network virtually with your peers and Red Hat experts in the Learning Center. These free resources will help your agency innovate openly in 2020.

10:00-10:40 a.m. ET/7:00-7:40 a.m. PT
Opening Keynote: Understanding Government's Transformation Challenges


- Joseph Ronzio, Deputy Chief Health Technology Officer, Veterans Affairs

In this keynote, you'll hear from a government IT leader about their top three challenges when it comes to meeting government's transformation initiatives.

10:40-11:00 a.m. ET/7:40-8:00 a.m. PT
Networking Chat and Learning Center Challenge

Download as many resources as you can to compete in our Learning Center Challenge! The winners will receive special Virtual Summit swag! You'll also have the opportunity to virtually connect and network with your public sector peers.

11:00-11:50 a.m. ET/8:00-8:50 a.m. PT
Session 1: Gov IT Optimization Made Easy
Session attendees can earn one CPE.


- Barry Condrey, Chief Information Officer, Chesterfield County, VA
- Sebastian Dunne, Account Solution Architect, North America Public Sector, Red Hat 

Every IT decision-maker balances two major demands: keeping the lights on and illuminating a path to future innovations. In this training, you will learn how agencies can balance new technology and maintain their legacy systems.

12:00-12:50 p.m ET/9:00-9:50 a.m. PT
Session 2: Bringing Your Datasets Together: Gov Embraces Agile Integration
Session attendees can earn one CPE.


- Manav Kumar, Senior Middleware Solutions Architect, North America Public Sector, Red Hat
- Greg Lane, CTO, Delaware

Machine learning, automation and the Internet of Things are incredibly powerful tools, but in order for them to properly function, agencies need to have the right architecture in place to coordinate between various disparate systems. In this session, you'll learn how government can embrace agile integration in their IT environments.

1:00-1:30 p.m. ET/ 10:00-10:30 a.m. PT
Keynote: Using Artificial Intelligence for Accessibility


- Amy Tong, Director and State Chief Information Officer, California Department of Technology

In this keynote, you'll learn how California's Optical Character Recognition Bot is using artificial intelligence (AI) to make documents available to disabled citizens. You'll learn how California is transforming its citizen experiences with AI.

1:40-2:30 p.m. ET /10:40-11:30 a.m. PT
Session 3: Gov's Need for Hybrid Cloud
Session attendees can earn one CPE.


- Sanjay Gupta, Chief Technology Officer, Small Business Administration
- Chris Grimm, Solutions Architect, North America Public Sector, Red Hat 

Government agencies embracing modernization efforts are finding transformation difficult without some sort of hybrid cloud IT implementation. In this session, you'll learn how your agency's enterprise infrastructure can better communicate and break down siloes by incorporating a hybrid approach.

2:40-3:30 p.m. ET/11:40-12:30 p.m. PT
Session 4: How Cloud-Native Development Powers Gov Innovation
Session attendees can earn one CPE.


- Chezian Sivagnanam, Chief Enterprise Architect, National Science Foundation
- David Cohn, Cloud Native Strategy Lead, North America Public Sector, Red Hat 

Cloud-native app development might sound like IT jargon, but it truly has the power to digitally transform how quickly agencies can implement app delivery with containers and next-gen technologies. These applications are a new way to speed up how agencies build new applications, optimize existing ones and connect them all together. In this session, you'll learn how embracing these design methodologies can save your agency time and resources.

3:40-4:30 p.m. ET/12:40-1:30 p.m. PT
Session 5: How Automation Creates Full-Organization Effectiveness
Session attendees can earn one CPE.


- Adam Clater, Chief Architect, North America Public Sector, Red Hat 
- Duane Schell, Chief Technology Officer, North Dakota

With the right automation tools, agencies can revolutionize the way they work. Agencies can focus on more mission-critical elements rather than simple compliance-based paperwork. This session will explain how agencies can revolutionize their organizational effectiveness by implementing an automation platform.

Why should you take time out of your day to attend?

  • Earn up to five continuing professional education (CPE) credits in specialized knowledge.
  • Grow your network by connecting virtually with your government peers and Red Hat experts. All of our online trainings have a public chat where you can ask questions to experts and other attendees.
  • Get access to more than 100 downloadable resources all about innovation and problem-solving in government.
  • Win awesome swag by being active in the virtual environment.
  • Chat with GovLoop and learn how our free resources can open up a new world of learning.