As the complexity and volume of cyber-attacks increase it is imperative state and local governments effectively work together to manage the risk to the services that citizens count on - what's known as whole-of-state security. Just as threat actors are connected, all levels of government must also connect to combat escalating threats.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • The benefits of a whole-of-state approach.
  • How to implement whole-of-state cybersecurity through collaboration, information sharing, fusion centers, and more.
  • Best practices from state government leaders who have embarked on a whole-of-state approach to cybersecurity.

Watch on demand to hear from subject matter experts from both government and industry as we discuss the key elements of a whole-of-state security approach and how to make it work.

Joseph Cevetello
Chief Information Officer,
City of Santa Monica

Jim Weaver
Secretary and State Chief Information Officer,
N.C. Department of Information Technology

Vinod Brahmapuram
Senior Director of Security,
State, Local & Education,
Lumen Technologies

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