Moving forward with a new idea, app or service can be scary, whether it’s a new online form, parking app, assistance program or something even more complex.

A lot of time, resources and constituent trust are on the line when you’re launching something new. So, how can you set yourself and your agency up for success when you’re ready to launch? The key is having a solid testing plan in place.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • Lessons learned from real-life examples such as the crash of
  • The role of automation in helping testing keep pace with innovation.
  • Strategies for integrating testing into modernization initiatives.

Watch on demand to hear government and industry experts discuss steps you can take to ensure that your applications and services hit the mark in terms of quality, performance and deliver a good user experience.

G. Nagesh Rao
Chief Information Officer,
Bureau of Industry and Security,
U.S. Department of Commerce

Maria Thompson
Cybersecurity Vertical Strategy Leader,
Amazon Web Services (AWS),
Former Chief Information Security Officer (CISO),
State of North Carolina

Dan McVicar
Regional Sales Director,

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