How to Get Agency Support for Professional Development

Learn how to make professional development a reality.

You’re a hard worker and a go-getter. Your work ethic is rock solid and you take pride in public service. But beyond doing everything you can in your role, how can you take extra steps to make sure your government career advances? This is where professional development plays a critical role.

Now that the President has signed the two-year budget deal, agencies are able to start thinking about their training and development programs for their employees. So how do you make sure you get a cut of the training budget?

Watch On-Demand as we discuss how employees can get the training dollars they want and need in this tough budgetary climate.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • How to go about applying for training dollars.
  • Some insider tips for getting your preferred training approved.
  • Solutions for overcoming negative cultural attitudes surrounding training.

You'll hear from:

Kim Peyser
Former Obama Executive Branch Employee & Owner, Stanton Park Advisory

Steve Ressler
Founder, GovLoop

Emily Jarvis
Senior Online and Events Editor