6 Customer Experience Success Stories in Government

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Customer experience, or CX, is often discussed in the context of private companies, but government agencies play a huge role in meeting the needs of everyday citizens. Whether it's processing benefits or providing digital resources to small businesses, citizens expect the government to provide services quickly, efficiently and securely.

In this resource guide, we highlight six compelling case studies of how governments at all levels are improving CX and outline the technology they're using to do it, such as self-service options online, well-designed user experiences and innovative acquisition methods.

Check out 6 Customer Experience Success Stories in Government to learn how:

  • Georgia created a mobile app to improve child support services.
  • Boston digitized death certificates to save citizens time and money.
  • SBA redesigned its flagship website to better serve small businesses.
  • West Virginia cut DMV wait times and costs with digital services. 
  • Kansas City made car rides smoother. 
  • Census Bureau's web mapping tool aims to boost 2020 response rates.