DorobekINSIDER Live: Exploring State and Local Challenges.

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State and local governments represent the single largest employer in the United States. But the size, scale and scope of each organization can vary wildly. What are the biggest challenges that unite these varied state and local governments?

Watch On-Demand as Chris Dorobek and his panel of government experts explore the biggest challenges facing state and local governments.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • How IT plays a role in the transformation of state and local governments.
  • The biggest barriers still facing agencies looking to modernize.
  • How the evolving workforce is playing a role in state and local governments.

You'll hear from:

Jamie Butler, Senior Manager of Solutions Architecture, Amazon Web Services
Craig P. Orgeron, Ph.D., CPM
Executive Director, Mississippi Department of IT Services
Bernetta Reese, Digital Lead, USDA