How Cloud Can Modernize State and Local Government

This online course contains three self-paced lessons:

  • Lesson 1: The Challenges to State and Local
  • Government [2:19 minutes]
  • Lesson 2: Software-Defined Data Centers in the
  • Cloud [3:28 minutes]
  • Lesson 3: VMware on AWS in Action [3:38 minutes]

Many state and local government agencies are pursuing a cloud strategy to meet new demands. But when organizations use cloud environments that don't match their on-premise investments, they can't leverage their existing IT skill sets and tools, nor can they use established on-premise governance, security and operational policies. More importantly, agencies lose the flexibility that cloud promises.

Enroll in this free online course to learn how placing software-defined data centers in partner cloud environments allows state and local agencies to overcome many of their modernization challenges.