How Smart Data Management Powers Smart Cities

City governments are encountering an unprecedented flood of data as they collect it from automated data processing sensors, internet-connected devices and more. Managing these large and varied datasets can overwhelm government analysts. The sheer volume of siloed data presents a great challenge - but an even greater opportunity.

Within those multiple data sources, is the potential to uncover insights that can improve revenue, safety and public services. That's why more local governments are becoming smart cities that make data-driven decisions.

In our new report, we explore cities' data management challenges, how they can address them and best practices for embracing smart data management to make cities better places to live and work.

Download How Smart Data Management Powers Smart Cities to learn:

  • How smart cities and data management are improving the citizen experience.
  • Best practices for implementing smart data management.
  • How the Georgia Department of Transportation used smart data management to better understand how varying the speed limit affects traffic flows.