Shred the Paper: How Electronic Signatures are Transforming the Way Governments Work

Time is a fleeting resource for government agencies. And paper processes are a time sucking constraint on the organization. Just consider how long it takes for a government agency to process, verify and store a paper record. But what if agencies ditched the paper, tossed their pens and embraced electronic signatures in a process that could be much faster, more efficient and secure?

That’s what leading organizations are experiencing with electronic signatures and paperless processes. And the great news is this digital evolution isn’t just impacting internal government workers, it’s enhancing the process for citizens, too.

Watch on-demand as our experts share how best practices and lessons learned from organizations who have embraced electronic signatures and paperless processes.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • How digital document workflows can save agencies time and resources.
  • How government agencies are using electronic signatures to meet modernization objectives like the Modernizing Government Technology Act, the Integrated Digital Experience Act and NASCIO’s annual list of top priorities for State government IT operations. 
  • The biggest barriers still facing agencies looking to implement electronic signatures.

You Will Hear From:

Darryl Lajola, IT Service Delivery Specialist at Office of Enterprise Technology Services, State of Hawaii

Lisa Croft, Group Project Marketing Manager, Adobe