Shielding Your IT Operations With a Software-Defined Secure Network

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- Why perimeter dissipation leaves you exposed.
- How SDSN provides agencies a platform that integrates, centralizes and automates defense for today's threat landscape.
- Best practices for meeting CDM requirements with SDSN.

Now that federal IT environments extend to many sites, devices and public clouds, they’re more vulnerable than ever to cyberattacks. Adding to the complexity, many agencies are also adopting a multi-cloud model, which is a hybrid environment containing several public clouds, private clouds or a mix of both.

This fluidity leaves agencies uncertain about the perimeters of their networks. More cybersecurity vulnerabilities emerge, and resources become harder to track as the defined boundaries containing them change. Fortunately, a software-defined secure network (SDSN) can address these challenges.

Download this new report to learn how organizations can deploy SDSN to automate and protect their networks.