Rock Your Resume
Let's be honest. Navigating the application and interview process for a job in the public sector is less than straightforward. Processes are lengthy, complicated and often time-consuming.

And while many components of getting a government job can feel like they're out of your hands, there is one thing you can control - your resume. We've compiled the best go-to resources for creating a rock solid government resume.

Download the toolkit now and get access to these resources:

  • Cheat-sheet: Your Government Resume How-To
  • Templates: 3 Customizable Government Resume Templates
  • Guide: 10 Tips for Finding a Job on USAJobs
  • Guide: Getting into Government: A Guide for High Achievers
  • Article: How to Get Your Resume Government-Ready
  • Article: 8 Do's and Don'ts for Cover Letters
  • Article: Tailor Your Cover Letter for a Government Job