Resilient by Design: Solving What Keeps Community Leaders Up at Night

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- The importance of resiliency in communities across the country.
- How GIS empowers and validates resilient design.
- How three local governments are becoming more resilient.

The pace of change in local communities is accelerating exponentially. This rapid change creates many challenges, such as overpopulation, climate change, drought, social conflict and increasing urbanization. Additionally, day-to-day issues like traffic congestion, insufficient public transit options and neighborhoods without affordable housing are also amplified. So, what is a community to do?

Building resiliency is one answer. Resilience is the actions that state and local governments can take now to minimize the inevitable impact of shocks and stresses for the community and accelerate the response for when those stresses occur.

Download this report to better understand how geographic information systems (GIS) can help communities increase their resilience.