Enabling Real-Time Visibility and Reporting on Compliance Controls

Maintaining visibility into compliance posture with respect to federally-mandated information security controls has historically been a challenging and often time-consuming line of activity across federal agencies, DoD components, and the contractors who support them. In many cases, these challenges have been driven by the underlying technical complexity of implementing meaningful solutions for automated analysis and reporting on the status of the information security controls specified in NIST Security Engineering and Risk Management Group guidance.

Splunk is helping organizations subject to FISMA, DoD RMF, and DFARS controls by providing a specifically tailored, vendor agnostic package of analytics and visualizations built on Splunk Enterprise. These capabilities enable quick-start operationalization of a baseline solution for continuous monitoring of technical security controls relevant to these frameworks.

Watch this free on-demand online training to learn how your agency can establish:

  • Highly scalable monitoring across diverse and geographically-distributed organizations.
  • Unified, vendor-agnostic views across diverse systems, information, and infrastructures.
  • Flexible, near real-time analytics to identify deviations and detect emerging non-compliant activities.
  • A proactive security posture that enables data-driven decision making across the enterprise.

You will hear from:

Anthony Perez

Director of Field Technology, Splunk