No one is safe from a cyber attack. When breaches happen, the implications are often costly and long-lasting. While it’s virtually impossible to prevent a cyber breach, organizations can take proactive steps to mitigate risk. Prevention doesn’t necessarily start at the top, and everyone plays a role in protecting their organization’s sensitive data and information.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • The lasting impact of a cyber breach and why prevention matters.
  • How agencies are modernizing systems to help prepare for and prevent cyber attacks.
  • Steps employees at any level can take to help protect their agency from a cyber breach.
  • Plans and strategies state and local governments will implement with the approval of recent grants from the White House.

Watch on demand to hear from state and local government officials on what a cyber breach truly means for an organization, what the future looks like for cybersecurity at the state and local levels, and leave with actionable takeaways of what you can do to prevent a cyber attack in your organization.

Lester Godsey

Chief Information Security Officer,
Maricopa County

Carmen Taglienti
Principal Architect,
Data & AI,

Mathew Lamb
Prisma Cloud Solutions Architects,
Palo Alto Networks

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