IT Modernization in the Age of Digital Transformation

IT Modernization has long been a hot and buzzy topic across federal, state and local government, and that is especially true in 2018. But for government employees like you, just trying to get through your day-to-day, all the buzz about IT modernization can seem high level and inapplicable to the important work you do. How do you know what really matters and what is just buzz?

Watch on-demand as Christopher Dorobek and his panel of experts discuss the Modernizing Government Technology (MGT) Act, Modernization Fund and digitization efforts across the government.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • The realities of IT modernization, moving beyond just the buzzwords.
  • How modernization efforts are helping to increase government accountability and transparency.
  • How compliances like FITARA are impacting modernization efforts.

You Will Hear From:

Guy Cavallo
Deputy CIO, Office of the Chief Information Officer, U.S. Small Business Administration

Nicole Blake-Johnson, Managing Editor, GovLoop