Is remote work working for you?

After almost two years, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to shift and evolve. That evolution continues to reframe from where, with what tools and how the government workforce continues to work. The current hybrid workforce is testing the limits of many agencies’ workforce strategies. Take something as simple as a broken laptop. How does that get resolved in a remote setting? Does the laptop get sent back to the headquarters, are you left computerless? What about security, access and privacy concerns?

Watch on demand to learn from government and industry experts how to empower the government workforce with the right tools, strategies and policies to make remote work for you, your team and the public.


Melanie Saunders Taka Ariga Tony Holmes David Egts
Deputy Associate
Director of Innovation Lab
and Chief Data Scientist
Practice Lead for
Solutions Architect Public Sector
Chief Technologist,
North America Public Sector
GAO Pluralsight Red Hat

erikadinnie.jpeg GL-Speaker-Theresa-Ward.png julie-warner.jpg Nikhil.jpg
Erika Dinnie Theresa Ward Julie Warner Nikhil Deshpande
Chief Information Officer, Digital Infrastructure Technologies Client Partner Data Officer, Office of the CIO, Information Technology Service Delivery, Knowledge Management Branch Chief Digital Officer
General Services Administration Unqork USAID State of Georgia

michael_jackson_.png Barbara Morton.png hughey-newsome.jpg hughey-newsome.jpg
MJ Jackson Barbara Morton Hughey Newsome, CGFM Joe Ditchett, PMP
AVP, Public Sector + Healthcare Strategy Acting Chief Veterans Experience Officer Chief Financial Officer
Industry Executive Advisor and Strategist
DocuSign VA Wayne County, Michigan SAP

Karen Tuttle Profile Pic.png
Karen Tuttle
Managing Client Partner, Citizen Engagement - Public Sector
Verizon Business Group


[10 a.m. ET/8 a.m. PT]
Welcome to the virtual environment!

[10:30-11 a.m. ET/7:30-8:00 a.m. PT]
Opening Government Keynote: Where, When and How Does the Gov Workforce Work?

Melanie Saunders, Deputy Associate Administrator, NASA

Living in the unknown is hard, figuring out how to successfully empower the largest workforce in the world during a global pandemic is even harder. Listen in on this keynote to hear from a government HR expert about how they are charting a path forward for their team in the midst of COVID-19 and its aftermath.

[11:10-11:40 a.m. ET/8:10-8:40 a.m. PT]
Session 1: Delivering on the Promise of Workforce Transformation

  • Barbara Morton, Acting Chief Veterans Experience Officer, VA
  • MJ Jackson, AVP, Public Sector + Healthcare Strategy, DocuSign

With a workforce of over 2 million public servants, the federal government is the country's largest employer. And that figure doesn’t even take into account the millions of state and local government employees. But each of those individuals has an eerily similar onboarding and offboarding process all tied to a paper-based employee form. In this engaging session, you will hear from government and industry leaders about how new tools and technology can transform the way government agencies work by transforming the process from the first form they fill out.

[11:50 a.m.-12:20 p.m. ET/8:50-9:20 a.m. PT]
Session 2: Rethinking The Future of the Public Sector Workforce

Speaker: Joe Ditchett, PMP, Industry Executive Advisor and Strategist, SAP

The past two years have brought unprecedented change to the government workforce, but are these changes sustainable? In this session, an industry expert will share how new systems, policies and tools are reshaping the employee experience and offer opportunities to transform the future of the public sector workforce.

[12:30-1 p.m. ET/9:30-10 a.m. PT]
Session 3: How Gov Can Enable Better Citizen Services

  • Nikhil Deshpande, Chief Digital Officer, State of Georgia
  • Karen Tuttle, Managing Client Partner, Citizen Engagement - Public Sector, Verizon Business Group

Social security benefits, driver’s license renewals, grant applications, building permits and more. The government must deliver millions of essential citizen services on a daily basis. Agencies are working hard to improve citizen services by focusing on the customer experience. In this session you will hear from government and industry experts about how better connectivity and communications solutions can empower the delivery of enhanced customer service and mission-essential services.


[1:10-1:40 p.m. ET/10:10-10:40 a.m. PT]
Lunch Government Keynote: State and Local Spotlight

Hughey Newsome, Chief Financial Officer, Wayne County, Michigan

State and local government agencies have been tasked with an incredible workload during the pandemic. In this keynote, you'll hear from one government leader about how they're strategizing to provide the most effective citizen experiences while also protecting their employees from burnout.

[1:50-2:20 p.m. ET/10:50-11:20 a.m. PT]
Session 4: Redefining Productivity in a Hybrid World

  • Erika Dinnie, Associate Chief Information Officer for Digital Infrastructure Technologies, General Services Administration
  • David Egts, Chief Technologist, North America Public Sector, Red Hat
What does it mean to be truly productive? And how does the hybrid working environment impact that productivity in government? In this engaging session you will hear from an industry leader about the tools, processes and policies that can enable not only greater workforce efficiencies, but truly lead to a more productive staff.

[2:30-3 p.m. ET/11:30 a.m.-Noon PT]
Session 5: How Hybrid Work Shifted the Approach to Government Transformation

Theresa Ward, Client Partner, Unqork

The pandemic highlighted just how outdated many government systems are, and the move to remote and hybrid work further exacerbated those systems. To help agencies modernize without hiring teams of developers and engineers, governments are employing low code and no code solutions. In this engaging session, you will hear from an industry expert about how a modular no-code approach is driving digital transformation in government.

[3:10-3:40 p.m. ET/12:10-12:40 p.m. PT]
Session 6: Upskilling to Better Manage Remote and Hybrid Teams Using Data

  • Taka Ariga, Director of Innovation and Chief Data Scientist, GAO
  • Julie Warner, Data Scientist, Office of the Chief Information Officer, Information Technology Service Delivery, Knowledge Management Branch, USAID
  • Tony Holmes, Practice Lead for Solutions Architects Public Sector, Pluralsight

When leading remote and hybrid teams, it's easy for upskilling and reskilling to get lost in the day-to-day. But the differing workload requirements present an opportunity to upskill teams with an agile and iterative approach to technology learning. In this session, hear how agencies can focus on their IT workforce and leverage analytical tools to help employees build new skills and identify areas where additional training is needed to help teams adapt to the new normal.

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