NextGen Nation Membership

What does your path forward in government/public service look like?

You can’t take a back seat when it comes to your career in government. You need to be in the driver’s seat with clear directions to drive your career forward.

But sometimes it can be hard to navigate your career growth without a map or community to ask for directions.

This is where NextGen Nation comes in. By becoming a member of NextGen Nation, you’ll get the guidance, support and resources you need to shift your career into high gear.

The NextGen Nation membership is a member-based group created to help develop and empower you to be the best public servant you can be and to connect with other folks in gov on their development journeys.

The eight-month membership will include online trainings, resources and career chats focused on leadership, development and career-advancement as well as exclusive access to the 10th Annual NextGen Government Training Summit taking place in Washington, D.C. next summer.

Remember, you’re in the driver’s seat. Where will you take your career this year? Enter your contact information and we'll follow up with more information, pricing and answer any questions you might have!

Why are we launching the NextGen Nation membership?

2019 is the tenth year that we’ve hosted the NextGen Summit and we like to think we’ve learned a thing or two over the past ten years. From working closely with the NextGen community, we’ve discovered what career-driven public servants need most is just that - a community that can help support their growth in government.

This is the mission for NextGen Nation. We want to expand on the NextGen Summit and extend the community to a eight-month membership that is inclusive, supportive, engaging and productive.

Through the membership trainings, resources, career chats and online groups, NextGen Nation members will feel empowered to reach the next level of their career in public service.

What does the membership include?

  • VIP Experience at the NextGen Training Summit taking place on July 25-26, 2019 in Washington, D.C. (including early registration for Office Hours Appointments)
  • Free Access to NextGen Online Training Sessions covering topics decided on by members. We’re covering only the topics you care about, including:
    • Strengthsfinder Assessment and Training
    • The Resiliency Factor Inventory Assessment and Online Training
  • Earn up to 20 CPE credits with ECQ-focused trainings.
  • Virtual Career Chats paired with helpful resources. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions directly to career experts like HR experts and training professionals.
  • Dedicated Private Facebook Group for members to connect, knowledge-share and leverage each other.
  • NextGen Nation Buddy! Each member will be informally paired with another member. You’ll have the opportunity to make the most of this relationship in the ways that work for you.
  • Special NextGen Nation swag, because of course you’ll want to show off to the world that you’re an important member of NextGen Nation!
  • You can check out the full membership details here!
  • Take a look at the registration fees here.

Ready to join now?

Awesome! We're excited you're excited!

You can get officially registered here. If you have any questions through the payment or registration process, please email us at [email protected]. We're happy to help!

Need help getting approval?

We created an Approval Toolkit to arm you with everything you need to make a super strong case to your supervisor that this membership will not only help you excel in your role now, but help propel you to the next level.