Despite our best efforts, sometimes teams can get stuck. We get accustomed to working with the systems and processes that dictate our day-to-day work, and resist any changes, even when it's in our best interest.

This is a major hurdle when it comes time for an organizational shift. To make positive changes stick, and transform the culture with your team, you need buy-in. How do you create that?

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • The role trust and transparency play in building buy-in on your team.
  • How leaders can avoid common pitfalls when reimagining their team’s culture.
  • Best practices for creating the best environment for your team to thrive.

Watch on demand to hear from a government expert about how to cultivate buy-in for team success.

Jennifer Purdy
Executive Director for CX Tools & Implementation,
Veterans Experience Officer,
Department of Veterans Affairs

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