Managing Cybersecurity Spend - Value & Outcomes

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Strengthening the cybersecurity of government networks, systems and data is one of the top challenges agencies face today. Equally important is understanding how cybersecurity resources are invested and how those investments align with mission goals.

But for many agencies, accounting for all cybersecurity spending is a challenge, in part because existing methods in place to track that spending don’t provide a comprehensive view or the necessary granularity.

In this report, we examine the top challenges for managing cybersecurity spending and provide best practices for how agencies can improve cost visibility for cybersecurity.

This new report includes five sections that each take about two minutes to read:

  • How Are Agencies Managing Cybersecurity Spending Today?
  • Top Barriers to Better Management of Cybersecurity Spending
  • Tracking the Cost of Cybersecurity Shared Services
  • Cybersecurity Spending and the NIST Framework
  • How Agencies Can Better Manage Cybersecurity Costs with TBM