Contact Center Modernization - Integrate & Reinvigorate Your CX

New data from the Forrester Group shows customer experience (CX) in the public sector has stalled and significantly lags the private sector. However, citizens expect to be given the same level of customer service they experience in the private sector and are demanding improved service now more than ever.

So why has this flat line in CX happened? The answer lies in the challenge of providing multi-channel experiences to citizens across all their preferred devices. It is incredibly difficult for government agencies to maintain the same level of communication and customer experience on the phone, online, email and with chatbots when a lack of technological integration forces agencies to think and act in silos. Agencies need a way to seamlessly integrate citizens’ preferred communication streams in order to drive an improved experience.

Watch on-demand as our panel of experts explore how investing in an integrated approach to customer experience can dramatically impact the way government serves citizens.

Specifically, you'll learn:

  • How a contact center modernization approach to CX improves efficiency, ensures consistency, gives you more visibility and saves money.
  • Why government is focusing now on AI.
  • How modernizing the employee experience improves the citizen experience, too.

You Will Hear From:

Lee Becker, Chief of Staff, Veterans Experience Office, Dept. of Veterans Affairs

Stuart Crutchfield, Senior Strategic Business Consultant