The State of the Workforce: Key Issues Government Managers Face

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Imagine a workforce in which managers could hire talented professionals with ease and onboard new employees in a matter of weeks instead of months. What if managers could effectively connect with and engage employees at all levels of the organization and proactively ensure that they have the tools and skills necessary to take advantage of new technologies?

For government agencies operating within the confines of a decades-old personnel system, these hypotheticals may seem far-fetched. But they aren't impossible.

In this guide, we’ll explore what progress in these areas looks like, case studies and best practices for transforming human resources at all levels of government. 

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  • Key Issues Gov Managers Face
  • Top HR Challenges Among the GovLoop Community
  • Simple and Strategic Hiring
  • Reclaim Your Time with HR Transformation
  • Reskill and Redeploy Human Capital Resources
  • More than Paperwork: HR Drives a New Wave of Innovation
  • Employee Performance Management and Engagement
  • A Lesson in Change Management from the Food Safety & Inspection Service