How Public Cloud and Automation Are Making an Impact in Government

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One of the biggest challenges government agencies face today are slow manual methods and lack of technical expertise. This leaves agencies unable to keep pace with the myriad of workflows and processes required by today’s technological innovations, which leads to constant firefighting, fines, increased cost and loss of accountability.

Yet, organizations must be nimble to protect against cyberattacks by quickly addressing risks. With such importance placed on data security, there’s no time to accurately perform manual compliance checks. Adopting an automated platform brings the benefits of being compliant in less time by using a streamlined assessment process with better alignment, accountability, higher efficiency and lower costs.

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Specifically, you'll learn:

  • The benefits of migrating to the cloud for government agencies.
  • Why automation is key in creating a culture of accountability and how to bridge the skills gap.
  • Tools to increase streamlining compliance and lower overall costs.

You'll hear from:

Phil Bertolini
Deputy County Executive/CIO
Oakland County, MI

Catherine Andrews
Patrick Gartlan
Chief Technology Officer

Jeff Kushner
Chief Marketing Officer
Allgress, Inc.