How to Play Your Role in Cybersecurity

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While IT professionals continue to play a leading role in securing government information, cybersecurity depends on every agency employee. Frontline employees must secure their devices, follow cyber hygiene protocols, and help identify potential insider threats in real-time. Agency leaders must create and enforce robust cyber policies that tackle threats holistically — coordinating across technological, organizational and cultural aspects.

Check out the new playbook, How to Play Your Role in Cybersecurity, to explore different ways to create an agency-wide culture of cybersecurity. The playbook explores effective ways to train employees on best practices, improve cybersecurity awareness throughout your agency and how to take advantage of public-private partnerships to address cybersecurity failures or weaknesses.

This playbook will explore six tactics to create an agency-wide culture of cybersecurity, including:

  • Assessing your organizational security.
  • Outlining basic security expectations at your agency.
  • Creating a culture of transparency.
  • Choosing the best technology to empower secure use.
  • Ingraining security into all daily operations and processes.
  • Tracking performance and engagement for long-term cyber success.