10 Minutes to Understanding DevSecOps

Free 10-Minute Online Course

10 Minutes to Understanding DevSecOps

This 10-minute online course contains four self-paced lessons:

  • Lesson 1: Why DevSecOps Matters in Government Today [3:03]
  • Lesson 2: Exploring the Evolution of DevSecOps [2:29]
  • Lesson 3: Tools and Tactics for Accelerating DevSecOps in Your Agency [2:44]
  • Lesson 4: Open Source as the Driver for DevSecOps [2:31]

In DevSecOps, developers address application and infrastructure security requirements at the start of the development lifecycle, rather than treating it as an add-on at the end.

But what does that really entail?

This four-part course will look at what tools and tactics are necessary to bring DevSecOps to your agency. That includes both leveraging automation capabilities and working through cultural changes.