The State of Electronic Communications in Government


The State of Electronic Communications in Government

Download the new research brief to explore:

-Best practices for evolving electronic communication management.
-Where government falls short in electronic records management.
-The potential and risk of electronic communication in government.

The digital revolution has transformed the way government functions. Government employees aren't only corresponding through emails anymore. Texts, private messaging apps and Facebook chats are all ways that employees discuss government business.

But all electronic messages sent from government-issued devices, as well as government communications sent from privately owned devices, by law must be treated as public records and thus need to be archived.

We surveyed more than 300 qualified government employees learn how governments are capturing, monitoring and managing these electronic records. In our new research brief, you'll explore the results of this survey, the dangers faced by governments that are unprepared for open records requests and the advantages for governments that develop a strategy for modern records management.

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