Analytics Now: Effective Use of Government Data Today

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Many of the decisions that government agencies make on a day-to-day basis have lasting impacts on the way we live, work and play. Because some of these decisions also have national security implications, agency leaders can’t afford to play guessing games.

This is where the power of data analytics comes in. With analytics, agencies are able to collect and examine valuable insights that produce more accurate predictions in a number of areas, including fraud and cyberthreat detection and drug overdose hotspots, to name just a few.

In this guide, we shine the spotlight on several case studies that show innovative applications of data analytics across the country. In each, we explore the project objective, solution implementation, challenges addressed, resources requirements and measurable results.

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  • Five steps to implementing data analytics at your agency.
  • How North Carolina takes an enterprise approach to decision-making.
  • How HRSA is improving the health data collection process.