How You Can Effectively Use Data Analytics

So much data, so little time. That’s why, for a growing number of government agencies, data analytics has become a crucial tool for day-to-day operations and intelligent decision-making. Data analytics allows agencies to glean important insights from massive amounts of data in real time and apply this information to detect fraud, respond to cyber threats or design better services and products for a particular audience. For newcomers, however, actually implementing data analytics can be an arduous and time-consuming undertaking.

This new playbook, How You Can Effectively Use Data Analytics, helps break down the process of introducing data analytics to your organization. You can use these plays in order, mix them up or apply them to the challenges giving you the biggest headaches. Each play is broken down into three practical steps and accompanied by a cheat sheet to help you implement those steps at your agency.

Check out How You Can Effectively Use Data Analytics to learn:

  • Five plays for making the most of your agency's data.
  • Firsthand insights and tips from data scientists in and around government.
  • Steps for executing each play, outlined in easy-to-use cheat sheets.