Defining Your Role in Government Customer Service

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Positions like Chief Customer Service Officer and Chief Innovation Officer are popping up in some agencies on the state and federal level. But even the smallest departments and local agencies need to be delivering superior service to their citizens if they’re going to keep government running smoothly and meeting its mission. And even those agencies with dedicated customer service leadership and resources won’t get far if they don’t spread that culture and tools of service throughout their entire organization.

This new guide, Defining Your Role in Government Customer Service, examines how agencies can bring customer service to every level of their organization. It explains the role of each department and staff member – from agency leaders to frontline staff to HR and IT personnel. This resource also offers practical tips to engrain a culture of service into daily routines, making it the standard rather than the goal of government.

Check out Defining Your Role in Government Customer Service to learn:

  • How to make a business case for the customer experience in gov.
  • What makes good customer service and the roles associated with it.
  • The details of real-world examples of great gov CX.