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12 p.m. ET/9 a.m. PT as we explore how to harness data.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • Key strategies for implementing better data management into your daily work.
  • Tools and technologies you can use to better harness data.
  • How employees can get training and reskilling opportunities to better understand how to use data as an asset.




12-1:05 p.m. ET/9-10:05 a.m. PT
Session 1: Data Decoded – Understanding the Ins and Outs of Analytics

Government Keynote 1: What Is and Isn’t Data - How to Harness Good Data
  • Evan Albert, Director of Measurement and Data Analytics, Department of Veterans Affairs
Numbers in an Excel file are obviously data, but what about commentary or anecdotal information? To be able to harness the power of data, you need to know what exactly data is and what it isn’t. In this keynote, you will hear from a government expert about the different types of data, how to use them and where to verify your sources.

Lightning Keynote 1: Follow the Data
  • Adam Clater, Chief Architect, North America Public Sector, Red Hat
Today, more than ever - data is central to the decision-making and execution of every agency’s mission. However, figuring out how to harness that decision-making power isn’t always easy. In this lightning keynote, you will learn about implications of agency data on decision-making and building a platform for domain specific artificial intelligence to drive agency mission forward.

Lightning Keynote 2: Lower the Barriers to Leveraging Data
  • Andy MacIssac, Solutions Marketing Director for Public Sector, Alteryx
One of the biggest problems with the vision of data-driven decision-making is that so few people have the expertise to work with the tools, and even data experts often get bogged down in tedious tasks. This session will discuss how agencies can make analytics more accessible and valuable to experts and non-experts alike.

1:05-2:10 p.m. ET/10:05-11:10 a.m. PT
Session 2:  Use Data to Your Advantage Through Visualization

Government Keynote 2: Data as Rocket Fuel
  • Marcus Thornton, Deputy Chief Data Officer, Commonwealth of Virginia
If you want your presentation to really resonate, you need to incorporate compelling data. However, figuring out how to share data in an impactful way is difficult. In this keynote you will hear from a government expert about data visualization strategies you can use in your next presentation.

Lightning Keynote 3: How to Keep the Gov Train Moving Forward
  • Ian Lee, High Performance Computing Security Architect, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • George Teas, VP, Solution Architecture, Public Sector, Elastic
  • Adam Cerini, Principal Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services
Here’s the key to keeping systems from crashing and disrupting your services: Identify potential issues before they become big problems. Across your agency’s network, systems automatically capture, or log, data on how things are running. But many agencies don’t take full advantage of that data. The Biden administration wants to change that. In this lightning talk, you'll hear from government and industry experts about the impact of Executive Memorandum M-21-31 on government log data and cybersecurity from government and industry experts.

Lightning Keynote 4: Is Your Data Protected? How to Keep Your Data Protected
  • Aaron Rose, Cyber Security Evangelist, Security Architect, Check Point 
With the typical tech stack, it is impossible to protect every single piece of data and information on your networks in our current tech landscape. To secure your data you use artificial intelligence, automation and more to create an effective threat detection system. In this lightning keynote, you’ll hear how to better detect threats in your networks.

2:15-3 p.m. ET/11:15 a.m.-12 p.m. PT
Session 3: Tools To Transform Your Data

Government Keynote: Dashboards, Pivot Tables, Oh My!
  • Gerald Caron, Chief Information Officer, International Trade Administration
Ok, let’s be honest, there are a TON of tools to help make data more usable. But what are they? In this session, you’ll hear from a government leader about some of the top tools to use when making data resonate. 

Lightning Keynote 5: Speed and Variety - How Data Can Be Used to Thwart Cyber Attacks
  • Felipe Fernandez, Director, Systems Engineering, Fortinet Federal
One of the biggest challenges facing government agencies is the speed at which threat and threat actors are advancing their capabilities and their procedures. In this lightning keynote, you will hear from an industry leader about how they are advancing their technologies, data and solutions to help agencies keep pace with these threats. Additionally, how to do that in a cost effective way that doesn’t introduce cause debt. 

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