Is your cyber strategy strong enough?

Join us online Wednesday, July 20 at 2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT to hear from government and industry experts as we answer these questions. We'll explore "beyond the buzzwords" to find out what strong cybersecurity looks like in practice.

Specifically, you'll learn how:
  • The impact of zero-trust cybersecurity on your day to day work and how you can keep your organization as secure as possible.
  • Tools and solutions can help you strengthen your agency’s cybersecurity posture.
  • Agencies are adjusting policies to address cyber threats and protect important and sensitive data.


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Jeremy Wilson
Deputy CISO,
Security Operations,
State of TX
     Suzette Kent,
Former Federal CIO


[2:00-2:25 p.m. ET/11:00-11:25 a.m. PT]
Opening Government Keynote: Leveraging Tech to Reduce Risk
  • Speaker to be announced
As the government shifts toward a zero-trust approach to cybersecurity, the discussion around cloud shifts as well. Rather than seeing cloud as a security risk, cloud can be viewed as a tool to be leveraged to protect important systems, networks, and data. During this session, we will hear from a senior government leader on the role of cloud as part of their agency’s cybersecurity efforts.

[2:25-2:50 p.m. ET/11:25-11:50 a.m. PT]
Keynote: Industry’s Role in Cybersecurity
  • Suzette Kent, Former Federal CIO
In this keynote, you'll hear from industry leaders on how they are supporting cybersecurity throughout the government. Topics include government partnerships and innovation efforts that can help agencies secure their data and systems to better achieve mission outcomes.

[2:50-3:25 p.m. ET/11:50 a.m. -12:25 p.m. PT]
Panel Discussion: Addressing Challenges to Implementing a Zero-Trust Strategy
  • Suzette Kent, Former Federal CIO
  • Jeremy Wilson Deputy CISO, Security Operations, State of TX
During this panel discussion, we will hear from leaders from federal, state and local governments, and industry on how they are overcoming common challenges like educating the workforce, identifying and utilizing tools and solutions, and addressing legacy infrastructure.

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