Cultivate the Career You Want:
A NextGen Playbook

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Knowing where to go next in your career is not always easy. Often, you find that you need to grow personally before you take that next step professionally – by developing new ways of thinking and by forming good habits.

In this NextGen playbook, we provide key considerations and tips to use as a jumping-off point for the next phase of your overall development. Here are the sections you'll explore in this free playbook:

  • When You Grow, Your Career Grows
    • Avoid Burnout to Grow in Influence
    • Feed Your Capacity to Learn
  • Stretch Your Coping Muscles
    • Use Conflict to Improve Your Problem-Solving
    • Use Creativity to Boost Productivity
  • Make Sure Everyone Can Grow
    • Unconscious Bias: Watch Out for Unintended Consequences
    • Recognize Habits That Hold Us All Back
  • Plan For Flexibility
    • Invite the Unexpected
    • Don’t Network; Build Relationships
  • Final Thoughts: Cultivating the Career You Want

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