Preparing for Your Future: How to Create an Awesome IDP

In government, getting to the next level in your career often means following very specific sets of steps and processes. One way to accelerate your development is to invest time and energy into your yearly Individual Development Plan (IDP). Your IDP is an important tool to help you develop new skills and obtain goals to advance your career.

So, how do you rock your IDP? Watch on-demand as our panel of government experts share their insider tips on developing an awesome IDP.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • What resources and tools should go into your IDP. 
  • How to explain your IDP plan and development to your manager. 
  • How to frame your IDP to get the most out of your career development.

You'll hear from:

Steve Springer, Deputy Director, Training and Development at General Services Admin

Michelle Rosa, Cybersecurity Risk Analyst, OPNAV N2N6, US Navy

Emily Jarvis, GovLoop Moderator