Government Insights: Crafting a Customer Experience Strategy

Citizens are government’s most important responsibility, and when it comes to serving them, agencies need a comprehensive, constituent-focused strategy. But what specific elements should you take into account when creating a customer experience (CX) strategy at your agency?

Watch on-demand for a panel on CX and how you can best serve your constituents.

Government CX experts will discuss best practices and the newest innovations in the field, so get ready to take notes and ask questions.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • What CX looks like in an increasingly digital society.
  • How to meet citizens where they are.
  • The importance of constituent-focused design.

You'll Hear From:


Gaye Adams, Director of Executive Services, Office of the Governor, State of Maryland


Eric Romero, Director of Information Services, City of Baton Rouge


Christopher Dorobek, GovLoop Moderator