How to Effectively Communicate Government Workforce Reforms

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An April Office of Management and Budget (OMB) memo called on agencies to plan for near- and long-term reductions across the civilian workforce.

To help employees navigate these changes, effective communication must work its way from the top down. Senior leaders must be in lockstep with mid-level managers and human resources professionals to clearly articulate what’s happening, why it’s happening and how changes will affect employees.

In this guide, we provide an overview of key workforce reforms happening at all levels of government, specific examples of how they are playing out nationwide and tips for effectively communicating those changes.

Check out How to Effectively Communicate Government Workforce Reforms to learn:

  • How federal, state, and local governments are adapting to hiring and workforce reductions.
  • Why agencies are putting an emphasis on employee training to increase performance.
  • How technology is helping address pressing human capital needs.