Investing a Little to Save a Lot: How Migration Tools Can Help Gov Make the Most of Its Cloud Investments

In 2018, the White House mandated that agencies invest in updating legacy systems and move to the cloud as part of the Modernizing Government Technology (MGT) Act. The act will help propel agencies on their digital transformation journeys and also help cut costs.

We’ve heard this before, that cloud can help gov save money, but how exactly is this done? Especially when cloud migrations are usually incredibly complex as well as resource-heavy and time-consuming?

Watch on-demand to learn how with the right assessment and migration tools, governments can successfully assess, plan and automate cloud transformation on time and on budget, and fast forward your data center consolidation or cloud migration.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • The benefits of government community clouds.
  • How automation can create secure, faster and more reliable migrations.
  • How to resolve funding challenges and security compliance when migrating to the cloud.

You Will Hear From:

Alexander Marshall, Technical Strategy Manager, NASA SEWP Program

David Wray
Chief Technology Officer, Micro Focus Government Solutions

Kevin Hansen, Chief Technologist, Micro Focus Government Solutions