Why Cloud Matters to You:
A Reality Check

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Cloud is central to the agency of the future. In the near term, agencies will continue turning to the cloud for its flexibility, scalability and speed of delivery. In the long term, agencies will turn to the cloud because that's where innovation is happening. 

The cloud market began emerging in the early 2000's but many agencies are still in the early stages of embracing it and the future is taking shape. We are beginning to see the ways in which cloud can have a material impact on agency operations. That's the focus of this guide.

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  • A quick primer on cloud-related concepts, technology and terms that will help you make sense of the type of cloud-speak you are likely to encounter.
  • A look at five case studies from across government that show how cloud-based solutions are helping agencies address pressing challenges.
  • Expert insights from vendors on technologies and strategies.

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