Building an Enterprise Cloud with HCI

Free 10-Minute Online Course

Building an Enterprise Cloud with HCI

This 10-minute online course contains three self-paced lessons:

  • Lesson 1: Why HCI Is Ideal for Cloud [2:48]
  • Lesson 2: The Benefits of HCI for Cloud Infrastructures [2:03]
  • Lesson 3: Putting HCI into Practice [3:11]

As agencies deepen their investment in the cloud, they need to make strategic choices about which applications and data move to the cloud and which stay on premises. As a result, most agencies are moving to a hybrid cloud environment.

This three-part course will discuss the role of hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) as the foundation for an on-premise, cloud-ready environment. We will provide an overview of how HCI works and how it simplifies cloud deployment, and we will offer best practices for putting HCI in practice.