Improving Federal Security With Automated Patching

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- The current state of the government cybersecurity landscape.
- Why automated patching is the solution for federal agencies.
- Best practices for improving federal security with automation.

Did you know that in 2018, malicious cyber activity cost the U.S. economy between $57-109 billion? That's not a statistic that can be ignored.

One of the main reasons systems are vulnerable is that they are either not patched or not patched quickly enough. Systems continue to be unpatched across the globe. For example, more than 110 unique Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) that had fixes available in 2007 were exploited in 2016.

In this new report, we’ll discuss the challenges federal agencies currently face in the world of cybersecurity and why security automation is the answer, and give agencies best practices for building security into their IT infrastructure from the start.