Analytics in Action: How Government Tackles Critical Issues with Data

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Consider the decisions — big and small — that government agencies have to make every day. Some of these decisions have national security implications and affect how we live, work and play. With so much at stake, agencies can’t afford to play guessing games when it comes to decision-making. For a growing number of agencies, that’s where the power of data analytics comes in.

Using analytics, they’re able to extract valuable insights from their data to detect fraud, reduce recidivism, prioritize the location of bicycle facilities, respond to cyberthreats and much more. But every agency is at different stages of adopting analytics. Some are just starting the journey while others have proven benefits and are using analytics to improve outcomes.

Check out this new guide to explore several case studies showcasing the power of analytics. For each case study we explore the objective of the project, what happened, any challenges and how they were addressed, resources, requirements and measurable results.

"We're trying to do more with less, and that's where I think analytics and technology come in."
Zodet Negron, Deputy Press Secretary, New York City Housing Authority

Check out Analytics in Action: How Government Tackles Critical Issues with Data to learn:

  • How analytics is improving processes and services in government in five case studies.
  • How to use data analytics to maximize mission impact.
  • Ten tips for briefing your boss with data.