NextGen Professional Development Virtual Summit

Who doesn’t want to get ahead in their career? Who doesn’t want to make more money, have more authority and drive decision making? However, determining the next phase of your career gets infinitely harder when you factor in office politics, changing administrations and new job requirements or certifications.

How will you move to the next phase in your career?

In order to help you achieve your professional development goals, watch the free NextGen Professional Development Virtual Summit: How to Advance Your Gov Career on Wednesday, on demand to hear from government and career experts about how to become a better, more well-rounded and productive employee.

Check out what past attendees have said about the Virtual Summits:

"This was my first vitual summit and I enjoyed the flexibility to multitask from my office, yet felt like I could interact and participate as-if I were attending in person. Thanks for making this possible!"
- D. Durbin, Associate Director of Business, Mid-East Ohio Regional Council
"I cannot say enough how much I am enjoying this virtual summit. Relevant and forward thinking."
- L. McAdams, Program Technician, USDA

"I appreciate all the available resources today, thank you!"
- E. Britnell, Senior Analyst, Town of Caledon

Virtual Summit Schedule

Attendees can earn up to five CPEs. Please refer to the schedule below to see which sessions qualify for CPE credit.

9:45am ET/6:45am PT: Virtual Environment is Open!

Stop by the booths to learn about different resources to help you advance in your career.

10:15-11:05am ET/7:15-8:05am PT
Opening Keynote Session –  Why Don’t I Get Promoted?
Session attendees can earn one CPE.

Mary Abbajay, President, Careerstone Group, LLC

We’ve all seen them, those all-star employees who come into the organization and get promoted in just a few months. You turn around and suddenly they’re a senior government employee, and you’re still on year three of your current role. Why is this? What are they doing to get ahead? What is holding you back from getting promoted? In this keynote, you will learn how to take hold of your career and advance to the next level.  Plus you will learn how joining professional development trainings programs can make all the difference in your career. 

11:20am-12:10pm ET /8:20-9:10am PT
Session 1: Investing in You – Which Degrees, Trainings and Resources Do You Need To Get Ahead
Session attendees can earn one CPE.

Lisa J. Alonzo, Executive Director, Alamo Federal Executive Board (AFEB)
Kirk Borkowski, Director of Operations and Strategic Partnerships, Drexel University Online

In order to get ahead, sometimes you need to take the plunge and invest in your future by focusing on trainings, resources and even additional schooling to take your career to the next level. But how do you know which educational experience is right for you? In this session, we will break down the pros and cons of degrees, trainings and resources. 

12:10 -12:20pm ET/9:10-9:20am PT
Network with GovLoop - NextGen Nation Unveil

Come chat with GovLoop in the NextGen booth as we unveil our new professional development membership program, NextGen Nation!

12:20-12:30pm ET/9:20-9:30am PT BREAK

12:30-1:00pm ET/9:30-10:00am PT
Why Associations Matter for Advancing Your Career 

YGL, FEW, BIG, NextGen Nation
Stephan Matthews, National NOW Generation Coordinator and Chair, Blacks in Government
Elizabeth Fischer Laurie, Attorney Advisor, Departmental Appeals Board, Medicare Operations Division, Department of Health and Human Services

Learning, supporting and networking with a collective is a key ingredient to career success.  However, it can be challenging to find the right organization or association that matches your values and career objectives. In this panel, you will hear from some of the most engaging government associations in the market and their power to transform your network. 

1:10-2:00pm ET/10:10-11:00am PT 
Session 2 - How to Set Goals You’ll Actually Meet
Session attendees can earn one CPE.

Amelia Cohen-Levy, Public Affairs Officer, Office of Corporate Communications, NGA
Melissa Kepler, Consultant, Coach and Facilitator, Guidehouse and Former Strategy and Communications Lead, DoD

Goals - this vague term is used as a barometer for success. In this workshop style session, we will walkthrough how to define, set, scale and execute on your goals so that you can get ahead in your career. Plus when it’s time for your Individual Development Plan at work, you will be ready to put your goals into action. 


2:10-3:00pm ET/11:10am-12:00pm PT
Session 3 - I’m a Manager, Now What?
Session attendees can earn one CPE.

Patrick Malone, Executive in Residence, Department of  Public Administration and Policy, American University
Donald F. Kettl, Professor and Academic Director, LBJ Washington Center, University of Texas

First time managers are rarely given the proper leadership and development training to hit the ground running and find their own management style. Most managers were promoted because they were good at their jobs, but that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily experts in managing people. In this session, we will provide practical and tangible steps new managers should take to develop their leadership skills. 


3:10-4:00pm ET/12:10-1:00pm PT
Session 4 - How to Boost Your Personal Productivity
Session attendees can earn one CPE.

Deborah Cook Smith, Principal Consultant, Atheseus

“If I only had one more hour, I would get so much done.” You’ve probably told yourself that 40 times this week. While we can’t magically add time to our days, we can learn how to increase our personal productivity.

In this workshop-style session, we will walk you through how to increase your personal productivity and learn how to maximize your time.

4:00-4:10pm ET/1:00-1:10pm PT
Chat with GovLoop

Got a burning career question that didn’t get asked, now’s your chance. You can chat with GovLoop professional development experts about how to take the next step in your career.

4:10-4:30pm ET/1:10-1:30pm PT
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Why should you take time out of your day to attend?

  • Earn up to 5 continuing professional education (CPE) credits in specialized knowledge.
  • Grow your network by connecting virtually with your government peers and industry experts.
  • Get access to more than 100 downloadable resources on a wide variety of career topics.
  • Win awesome swag by being active in the virtual environment.
  • Chat with GovLoop and learn how our free resources can open up a new world of learning.