How to Keep IT Simple in the Cloud

The saying goes that we can’t have things both ways. But what if it’s essential for state and local government to maintain old systems while transitioning to new technologies? The key is keeping IT simple.

One solution to help agencies simplify their IT is a hybrid cloud approach that seamlessly integrates their legacy systems and cloud environments.

Watch on demand as our experts share how a hybrid cloud approach can help state and local agencies realize the benefits of the cloud, while taking advantage of existing teams, skillsets, tools and processes.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • Challenges of adopting cloud environments that are disparate from your legacy systems.
  • How a unified infrastructure framework can bridge the gap between environments.
  • How simplifying your IT environment can reduce security risk and cost.

You'll hear from:

Dan Kempton, Director of Engineering & Cloud Services, NC Department of Information Technology

Samir Kadoo, Partner Solution Architect, AWS