What does it mean to be truly innovative in government?

The answer can be far-ranging, including everything from a new way to fix a pothole to a data center refiguration or enhanced diversity, equity and inclusion policies. It can be small, incremental changes or enterprise shifts.

Join us online on Wednesday, Feb. 16 from 10 a.m.-2:05 p.m. ET to learn how agencies are pushing them and their teams forward.


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Jeff Shilling Sanjay J. Koyani - Invited LTC Kristin Saling
Joel Lipkin
CIO and Chief of IT

Chief Technology Officer, Office of the Chief Information Officer

Deputy Director, People Analytics
National Cancer Institute 
U.S. Department of Labor
Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army
Four Points
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Damien Eversmann Paul Moxon Carmen Taglienti
Michele Snead
Principal Solutions Architect
SVP Data Architecture and Chief Evangelist
Principal Architect,
Data & AI
Director of Performance Consulting
Red Hat Denodo Insight Insight

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Joshua Stenhouse Quinn Chasan

Field CTO Cyber Resilience
Head of Customer Analytics,
Public Sector

Rubrik Google Cloud


[10:00-10:50 a.m. ET/7:00-7:50 a.m. PT]
Session 1: Unlocking the Value of Innovation

Government Keynote: Understanding the People in Analytics
LTC Kristin Saling, EN/49, Deputy Director, People Analytics, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army
In this opening keynote, you will hear from LTC Kristin Saling about how to unlock value throughout your entire organization by using data to make better decisions.

Lightning Talk 1: Organization Change Through Digital Transformation
Carmen Taglienti Principal Architect, Data & AI, Insight
Michele Snead, Director of Performance Consulting, Insight
The past three years have provided a crash course in managing disruption and what we learn from it will define our success (or failure) moving forward. In this engaging lightning keynote, you will hear from leaders at Insight about how to become a change-capable agency by embracing the mindsets, processes and tools that empower leadership and your workforce to manage uncertainty.

[10:55-11:55 a.m. ET/7:55-8:55 a.m. PT]
Session 2: Tools, Policies and Workforce Needed to Move Forward

Lightning Talk 1: Innovation in the Cloud

Joel Lipkin, COO, Four Points
Legacy systems are causing agencies to get stuck in an innovation rut. Join us to hear from Four Points Technology, on how government agencies can leverage cloud services and solutions to drive innovation forward.

Lightning Talk 2: Title
Quinn Chasan, Head of Customer Analytics, Public Sector, Google Cloud Government

Gov Lightning Talk 3: Title

In this gov lightning keynote, you will hear from a state and local leader who has worked through red tape to find creative ways to modernize.

[12:00-1:00 p.m. ET/9:00-10:00 a.m. PT]
Session 3: How to Implement and Embed Innovation

Lightning Talk 1: More Than Just One-Off Modernization
Damien Eversmann, Principle Solutions Architect, Red Hat
The public and private sectors often talk about “modernization initiatives" as if they have a fixed start and finish. But such starts and stops are not productive. At the state and local level, modernization tends to be a challenging issue due to limitations in funding, delays in legislation, and often a reliance on ballot initiatives or tuition increases. Hear from a Red Hat expert about how operationalizing modernization results in it becoming a regular budget line-item and means it happens more often and more reliably.

Lightning Talk 2: Making Zero Trust Part of Your Agency’s Journey
Joshua Stenhouse, Field CTO Cyber Resilience, Rubrik
Last year’s cybersecurity executive order put moving to a zero trust infrastructure front and center. Where does the government currently stand when it comes to implementing zero trust? And where are the biggest hurdles? Hear from Rubrik about how agencies are operationalizing in the new zero trust world.

Government Lightning Keynote: Reframing the Workforce of the Future
Jeff Shilling, CIO and Chief of IT at National Cancer Institute (NCI)
In this lightning keynote, you'll hear from a government leader about how to embed workforce improvements for future generations.

[1:05-2:05 p.m. ET/10:05-11:05 a.m. PT]
Session 4: How to Truly Have Tech and Mission Meet

Lightning Talk 1: Title

Lightning Talk 2: Accelerating the Path to Data-Driven Government
Paul Moxon, SVP Data Architecture and Chief Evangelist, Denodo
Agencies need to access and deploy data anytime, anywhere - whether on-premises, in a private cloud or in the public cloud to support mission-critical decision-making. As agencies look to become more data-driven, many are already leveraging data fabric solutions and seeing great results. In this lightning talk, you'll learn what a data fabric is and how it works in government.

Government Lightning Keynote: Planning Out Your Gov Priority List for 2022
Sanjay J. Koyani, Chief Technology Officer, Office of the Chief Information Officer, U.S. Department of Labor

In this lightning keynote, you will hear from a government leader about their biggest priorities for 2022.



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