City services are essential and must continue - even in the midst of an ongoing pandemic. In Orange County, California the court system needed to figure out a way to digitally track their staff, vaccination status, time off and caseloads to ensure the judicial system continued to move forward. The answer came in the form of data analytics and machine learning.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • How the county was able to optimize court logistics and operations using analytics and machine learning.
  • How the operational changes streamlined the court system and create a new culture at the organization.
  • How the Databricks lakehouse platform helped unlock actionable insights within their data to overcome the challenges of the pandemic.
  • Best practices for how your organization can embark on a data-driven transformation.

Watch on demand to hear how Orange County was able to shift the cultural perception of data and implement practical ways to leverage analytics and machine learning that helped them make it through the pandemic and set them up for ongoing success in the future.
Darren Dang
Direct Chief Financial & Administrative Officer
Superior Court of California
County of Orange

David Yamasaki
Chief Executive Officer
Superior Court of California
County of Orange

Tim Boyle
Public Sector Field Engineering

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