NextGen Updates
The NextGen Training Summit is the embodiment of what NextGen represents: inspiring government innovation and providing training and leadership opportunities for public servants.

Since 2010, the two-day summit has inspired over 4,000 federal, state and local govies to be positive change ambassadors.

The Summit about inspiring government innovation. It’s about providing training and leadership opportunities to people new in government. It’s about helping managers bridge the generation gap to help develop and retain new talent. It’s about creating the absolute best next generation of government.

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What are your government peers saying about their NextGen experience?

"The NextGen Summit truly changed my life. The speakers were incredibly inspiring and I felt as though they were talking directly to me."

"NextGen was more than just a training conference; NextGen is where I not only rediscovered my passion for public service, but also had that ‘Aha moment’."

"You’d have to attend about 7 weeks of training to attempt to get the best practices you can dive into here – categorized by where you are in your career, ECQs, and the latest and greatest in leadership and key skills."

"This is my first summit and airport have to say, I am learning an abundance of new things to take back to Colorado that will be helpful in deciding my next career move. Bravo to the organizers!"

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