NextGen Leadership Program

Where will you take your government career in 2018?

The NextGen Leadership Program is a groundbreaking, government-wide virtual training program to develop and empower the next generation of government leaders.

Program participants will be matched with a mentor based on the executive core qualifications and the mentees specific action plan. Over the six-month program, participants will engage in a series of online training sessions focused on leadership, development, and career advancement. The program also includes the two-day in-person Next Generation of Government Training Summit, co-hosted by GovLoop and Young Government Leaders.

The program includes:

  • Mentor Matching and Virtual Bi-Monthly Meetings
  • VIP Experience at the NextGen Training Summit
  • StrengthsFinder Assessment and Training
  • The Resilience Factor Inventory Assessment and Online Training
  • Access to NextGen Online Training Sessions
  • Virtual Career Chats
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Program Elements

The six-month program is developed around how to be an impactful leader in government:

  1. Understanding / managing self
  2. Developing leadership skills
  3. Managing for organizational impact

The program includes the following activities to develop vital leadership skills:

  • Mentor Matching: The participant will be matched with a mentor based on executive core qualifications.
  • Mentor Action Plan: The participant will develop an action plan for their mentor based on a concrete outline of what they want to achieve in the program.
  • StrengthsFinder Assessment and Online Training: This assessment will help the participant uncover their natural talents and teach them how to utilize their strengths in the workplace.
  • The Resilience Factor Inventory Assessment and Online Training: This assessment will help participants understand how they respond to challenging situations and give them tools and resources to better manage stressful situations.
  • NextGen VIP Experience: The two-day Next Generation of Government Training Summit brings together over 800 government employees. Program participants will get VIP access to all of the keynote sessions, panel discussions, breakout sessions, and interactive problem-solving work groups focused on how to:
    • Create innovation in government
    • Build a framework to manage your government career
    • Become a better communicator
    • Be a 360-degree leader
  • Access to NextGen Online Trainings: Several online training sessions will be held before and after the NextGen Training Summit to build skills to more effectively deal with conflict, better manage projects, teams and individuals, and become a successful leader.
  • Virtual Career Chats with GovLoop Founder Steve Ressler: Participants will be able to ask Steve Ressler for advice on a bi-monthly basis about how to get to the next phase of their career.

Program Timeline

The below schedule includes an estimation of time commitment to the program. If you are not able to participate in certain elements of the program, that's ok...they are not all required. In order to earn the full 16 continuing professional education (CPE) credits offered in the program, you need to attend each element that offers CPEs.

April 15-30

  • Mentor assessment - 2 hours

May - Program Introduction

  • Mentor matching - 1 hour
  • Virtual Program Kickoff - 1 hour
  • Create action plan - 1 hour
  • Take StrengthsFinder Assessment - 1 hour
  • Two 1 hour meetings with mentor - 2 hours

    June - Tools and Resources You Need to Know

    • Online Training: StrengthsFinder – 1 hour, 1 CPE awarded
    • Online Training: Communication Best Practices Session (NextGen) - 1 hour, 1 CPE awarded
    • Career Chat with Steve Ressler - 30 minutes
    • Two 1 hour meetings with mentor – 2 hours

    July - Make It Actionable

    • Online Training: Mindful Leadership (NextGen) – 1 hour, 1 CPE awarded
    • Take Resilience Factor Inventory Assessment – 1 hour
    • Online Training: Conflict Inventory Assessment – 1 hour, 1 CPE awarded
    • Two 1 hour meetings with mentor – 2 hours

    August - Build Your Network

    • In Person Midpoint Reception (Meet Before NextGen) – 2 hours
    • Next Generation of Government Training Summit in Washington, D.C. – 16 hours, 12 CPEs awarded
    • Career chat with Career Coach - 30 minutes
    • Two 1 hour meetings with mentor – 2 hours

    September - 360 Degree Mentoring

    • Online Training: Learning from the Experts Panel(NextGen) 1 hour, 1 CPE awarded
    • Two 1 hour meetings with mentor – 2 hours

    October - Implementation

    • Virtual Closing Ceremony – 2 hours, 2 CPE awarded
    • Closing chat with Career Coach - 1 hour
    • Two 1 hour meetings with mentor – 2 hours

    Total Estimated Time Commitment = 44 hours

    • Training Duty Hours = 22 hours
    • Training Non-Duty Hours = 24 hours


    EARLY BIRD PRICE (ends December 31) = $2,700
    Regular Price (ends March 15) = $3,100
    Group Price (for 5 or more people) = $2,700

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    Hear from past Leadership Development Program participants:

    "If it were not for the NextGen Leadership Development Program I probably would have left federal service. I don't know if I can ever thank you enough for the excellent work you do very selflessly to support those in government."

    "The leadership program has been a rewarding experience for me and I am very thankful that I was allowed the opportunity. My favorite part of the program was having someone to share with and gain constructive feedback. It is always good to have a different viewpoint. I learned that consistency is very important and looking at things from a different perspective can make a difference in your desired outcomes and goals. The partnership allowed me to be accountable and work harder to complete my goals."

    "I gained a better understanding of the qualities of a good leader, and I improved my ability to effectively communicate what my agency does to someone from outside my agency. As a result of discussions with my mentor, I had a very positive discussion with my supervisor during my performance review where we addressed my interest in moving into a management role. Also using new skills I obtained from the program, I started a new employee organization at my agency."