Your FAQ to IoT in Government

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When we hear “The Internet of Things” (IoT), our minds immediately drift to self-driving cars, refrigerators notifying us the milk is running low or smart devices monitoring our fitness goals. But IoT is really so much more. For the public sector, this technology is creating opportunities in everything from public transportation to workplace automation to public safety efforts.

Yet, despite the fact that more and more agencies are past the point of asking what IoT is, many questions still linger as to what this technology can do for government. Is IoT really safe? What’s the biggest risk associated with IoT? How can your agency reap the benefits? How can IoT shape policies in the public sector? This guide, “Your FAQ to IoT in Government,” will help address all these questions and more.

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  • Best practices and real-world advice for how to get started with IoT at your agency.
  • Which must-have staff members should comprise your IoT team.
  • Three risks involved with IoT and tips to overcome those potential obstacles.