Managers' Briefing: IT Modernization in Government

Information technology (IT) modernization is one of the hottest topics across government today. IT modernization has revolutionized efficiency, convenience and effectiveness for all users. That’s why federal, state and local government agencies are eager to take advantage of all that modernization efforts can offer.

It can be easy, however, to get lost in all the buzz about IT modernization in government. But even if you don’t work directly in IT, technology innovations impact us all. It’s important to stay aware of the trends and how you can leverage IT modernization to do your job more effectively and help your staff.

That’s what this new guide intends to do. We’ll take a look at the most important IT and technology topics in government, and break them down for managers at all levels, whether you work in IT or not. Because, after all, technology powers the mission of all of government, no matter what agency or department you’re in.