CIO Perspectives: A New Vision for the Government Workplace

What do chief information officers (CIOs) and other senior IT leaders consider as the most pressing problems that agencies face? How do they see IT, workforce and organizational strategies evolving in the year ahead?

Get your free copy of this new guide to hear from CIOs across federal, state and local governments about the current evolution of IT strategies and the role of leadership in driving change. We also will discuss essential skills for up and coming IT leaders.

Specifically, you'll hear from:

  • David Shive, CIO, General Services Administration 
  • Dorothy Aronson, CIO, National Science Foundation 
  • Theresa Szczurek, CIO and Executive Director of OIT, Colorado 
  • Sylvia Burns, CIO, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
  • James Collins, CIO, Delaware
  • Dave Nelson, CIO, Nuclear Regulatory Commission