Winter Is Coming: Five Steps to Improving Your Winter Maintenance Strategy

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Your community counts on you to have a winter maintenance program in place that keeps them moving. This burden is growing as expectations of the public grows. They expect public works and DOT’s to be using more modern methods from informing the public and putting the right resources at the right location. Geographic information systems (GIS) is a common tool in planning and responding to whatever winter may bring. What you may not know is there are more integrated tools than ever that support a full spectrum of your work.

Register to view this online training on-demand to explore how a more modern approach to snow and ice maintenance is resulting in in a stronger return on investment in improving productivity and efficiency, reducing costs, and improving the overall effectiveness of your operations. GIS is a proven tool for data management, advanced planning, improving communication, state-of-the-art logistics, and real-time response.

You'll hear from:
Chris Thomas, Director of Government Markets, Esri

You Will Learn:

How to gain insight through a data driven approach as to where to apply your resources.

Location based methods to manage your fleet and staff to optimize their impact.

How to develop real-time situational awareness during a winter storm for better communication with the community.