Modernize Your GIS in the Cloud

Government agencies are tasked with modernizing their GIS while at the same time struggling to support outdated hardware and siloed systems. These challenges do not allow agencies to be agile, collaborative and mobile. So how can organizations transform their GIS capabilities?

Watch on-demand to learn how organizations can stream GIS software directly from the cloud to any end user device without any software downloads or installs.

Specifically, you will learn:

  • How agencies can modernize their GIS systems by moving to the cloud.
  • How GIS managed cloud services can assist with architecture and deployment of best practices.
  • Impact on efficiencies gained from migrating to the cloud.

You Will Hear From:

Carole Balzer
Network Administrator, Rogue Valley Sewer Services, Rogue Valley, Oregon

Jason Harris
Chief Technology Officer, ROK Technologies

Vinoth Narasimhan
Senior Product Manager for AppStream 2.0, AWS